Here is the schedule for the Music Marathon! Click the venue name for a PDF of the detailed schedule and pieces being performed for the day.

Time Sanctuary Hilliard Hall Chapel
10AM-11AM Theola, Charis & Elina Ho, Piano
M. Wilmot & C. Ditner-Wilson, Piano 4 hands
Aala, Abdulah, Ayla Rehman, A Cappella songs
E. Honek & T. Kroetsch, Piano
MC – Angela Veith
KWS Youth Strings,
David Wadley, ConductorKWS Youth Sinfonia,
Ian Whitman, ConductorMC – Steve Hornett
11AM-12PM Joan Walker Studio

MC – Dee Sprung

Wilifrid Laurier University Association of Music Creators

MC – Hannah Bailey

12PM-12:30PM No Concert No Concert No Concert
12:30PM-1:30PM With Respect To Time
UW Engineering Jazz Band
Ronald Tham and Zachary Teper, ConductorsMC – Ronald Tham
1PM-2PM Joan Walker Piano Studio

MC – Joan Walker

Zayd Marsh,Piano

Vocal Group Constellation

Travelling Troubadour Music Studio
MC – Marina Gallagher

2PM-3PM Waterloo Concert Band
Trevor Wagler, Director & MC
2:30PM-3:30PM Bethany Horst Voice Studio

MC – Bethany Horst

WCI Classical Guitar Ensemble
Doug Peterman, DirectorRenaissance Flute Quartet Annie Hu, Chi-Ming Shui and Angela Jao, PianoG. Soulis, multi- instrument. & J. Bender, PianoMC – Barbara Hankins
3PM-4PM Jacob Hespeler Percussion Ensemble
C. Lehmann Skelton, ConductorAmati String Ensemble
Bruce Skelton, ConductorMC – Andrew Bennett
3:30PM-4PM Sage Scharlach, Voice & Dariusz Pecak, Violin; Nash Scharlach, Guitar

UW A Cappella Ensemble

MC – Jane Cowan

4PM-5PM Joanne Bender Piano Studio

The ORMTA Quartet – Susan Robinson, Lorrie Tennant, Joanne Bender and Sandra Garthshore

MC – Joanne Bender

Michael Steinberg, Violin Dorion Carmichael, Piano and their students

Renaissance School of Arts Advanced & Intermediate Flute Choirs
Wendy Wagler, Conductor

MC – Michael Steinberg

Stirling Music Piano Studio

Special guest and artist Yngrid Rivas is presenting three selections from her work “Believe in me”

MC – Laura Burke