All donations & pledges support the Kitchener-Waterloo Symphony!

On Love of Music Marathon day, we celebrate the richness of musical talent in our community in support of our beloved K-W Symphony. Parents, teachers, colleagues and volunteers share with mature and novice, amateur and professional performers the satisfaction of participating in this well-planned, enjoyable event.

Whether you donate directly to the Love of Music Marathon or give a pledge to a Music Marathon performer, you help the K-W Symphony bring the joy of music to children through the School Concerts programs, and to our more senior citizens, through our Health and Wellness Program. You help make music accessible to even the most economically disadvantaged children through our Bridge to Music program, and create the next generation of musicians through our Youth Orchestra Program. Thank you for supporting the Love of Music Marathon and the K-W Symphony.


The Kitchener-Waterloo Symphony Volunteer Committee will hold the Love of Music Marathon at First United Church, Waterloo, from 10 am to 5 pm.

Participating musicians collect pledges in exchange for performing at the Music Marathon. There is no minimum pledge. All proceeds go to the K-W Symphony.

Performers who collect $125 or more in pledges (cash, cheques, online pledges combined) get to choose a prize from a selection of gift cards at the LOMM. The three LOMM performers to raise the most funds in pledges will be awarded one Bravissimo prize each.


Online donations are processed by Canada Helps. Enter a donation amount, your selected method of payment, your donor and tax receipt information below; click on “Complete Donation Now”.


To give a pledge to a Music Marathon performer:

  1. Enter your donation amount, your selected method of payment, your donor and tax receipt information;
  2. Write the name of the performer to whom you are giving the pledge under the question: “Are you donating in support of a performer? If yes, who?”
  3. Once you have written the performer’s name, click on “Complete Donation Now”.

The KWS VC thanks you for your generous support of a Love of Music Marathon performer and of the Kitchener-Waterloo Symphony.